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Tubing at Alex & Doris’s Cabin

By Greg Osterdyk | August 5, 2018

I was lucky enough to spend some time last weekend up in Nevis on Ham Lake. It was a great chance to take out the DJI Mavic Platinum and play with the auto-follow.

2018 Saints Healthcare Foundation Golf Ball Drop

By Greg Osterdyk | June 20, 2018

Saints Golfball Drop-1080 from Greg Osterdyk on Vimeo.

Guardian Angels 8th Grade Class of 2018 Graduation Video

By Greg Osterdyk | May 31, 2018

Minnesota River Flood Stage near Carver and Chaska

By Greg Osterdyk | May 11, 2018

Carver and Chaska Minnesota River Flooding April 28, 2018

By Greg Osterdyk | April 28, 2018

Chaska Carver Flooding 2018 from Greg Osterdyk on Vimeo.

Weekend in Spicer

By Greg Osterdyk | August 13, 2017

This weekend we were up in Spicer at my friend’s cabin.  Friday night was spectacular!

Carver Elementary Construction 7.19.2017

By Greg Osterdyk | July 20, 2017

DJI Spark

By Greg Osterdyk | July 7, 2017

Today I took out my DJI Spark for its first flight.  It’s extremely small, and wicked fast when in Sport Mode.  The camera on my Phantom 4 is much better, but the 1080 quality on the Spark is certainly good enough for most situations.  It easily fits in my laptop bag and is ultra portable.…

2017 Saints Foundation Ball Drop

By Greg Osterdyk | June 16, 2017

Neighborhood – June 5th

By Greg Osterdyk | June 6, 2017

Photos taken with DJI Phantom 4